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​Over the years we worked on many types of projects however we found a desire to work on projects which could withstand the test of time. Projects which would leave a working legacy of our involvement and to help save an era where entertainment was combined with the experience of being taken out of the everyday world was the norm.
This we found in historic theaters.  Each project is unique in their needs and wants.  But an underlying element is the desire to create a destination spot which creates excitement, indentifies the location and helps bring new life to a community.  
Many of these theaters today act as a magnet to the downtown area.  It also helps local businesses who gain from being in proximity to the newly reopened theater.  There is also the beauty of saving the past for future generations.  
Most theaters once restored also by their very nature and use help to support the arts which is where we wanted to be positioned, by being involved in these projects we bring great design, help to establish a sense of community to each location and support theater, music and the arts for todays communities and for generations yet to come.

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