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New projects,

Sunset Theatre. Lodi CA

South Coast, Laguna Beach CA

Million Dollar, Los Angeles CA

Tower Theatre, Los Angeles CA

Alger Theatre, Lakeview OR

f e r n a n d o d u a r t e d e s i g n

Fernando Duarte Design open 1994 in Sacramento dedicated to restore, renovated several theatre marquees, blade signs, lighting and ornamental arts. FDD is a creative firm with experts from planning through design and project management.
Many of these theatres today act as a magnet to the downtown area. it also helps local businesses who gain from being in proximity to the newly reopen theatre. There as also the beauty of saving the past for future generations. Most theatres once restored also by their nature and use help to support the arts which is where we wanted to be positioned, by being involved in the projects we bring great design, help to establish a sense of community to each location and support theatre, music and the arts for generations yet to come.